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Learn BI & Informatica! Fundamentals and concepts with real-time examples.

Business Process & Business Modeling  

Modeling Types
Modeling Methods
Business Process
Business Process Tools
Business Process Management(BPM)
Advantages of BPM
Business Process Re-engineering
Business Process Modeling

Business Process Modeling Tools
Business Process Modeling Example
Process Flow Modeling
Data Flow Modeling
Business Activity Monitoring
Business Activity Monitoring
Procurement BPO

Data Modeling 

Data Modeling Overview

Data Modeling Overview
Data Modeling Development Cycle
Steps to Create a Data Model
Data Modeler Role
Data Modeling Standards

Data Modeling Objects
Domains, Defaults & Check Constraints
Data Model Repository
Data Model Versioning
Data Modeling Reports

Data Modeling Tools

Data Modeling Tools
DM Tools: What to Learn?
DM Tools - Erwin
DM Tools - Xcase
Visio & Data Modeling

Creating a Data Model in Visio
Create Logical Data Model in ER Studio
Identifying & Non-Identifying - ER Studio
Naming Standards - ER Studio
Create Physical Model in ER Studio

Creating Objects & Data Modeling Relationships

DM Relationships
Create Objects in Data Model
Cardinality & Non-Identifying

Identifying Relationship
Supertype & Subtype

Data Modeling Types

Conceptual Data Modeling
Enterprise Data Modeling
Logical Data Modeling

Physical Data Modeling
Relational(OLTP) Data Modeling
Dimensional Data Modeling


Logical vs Physical DM
Relational(OLTP) vs Dimensional

Compare Data Models & create DDL scripts

Physical Data Modeling

DDL Scripts from Data Model

Reverse Engineering a Data Model

Modeling Data Warehouse and Data Mart

Data Warehouse and Data Mart
Slowly Changing Dimensions

Star Schema
Snowflake Schema
Fact Table

Interview Questions

DM Interview Questions
DM Interview Questions & Answers - Part 1

DM Interview Questions & Answers - Part 2
DW Interview Questions & Answers

Database & Data Modeling 

Database Overview
Database Objects
Database Sample Data
Sample Data Analysis
Create Object Commands

Alter Object Commands
DML Statements
Drop Object Commands
Other Important Commands
Data Dictionary Commands

Data Warehouse & ETL 

Data Warehouse Concepts
Database - RDBMS
ETL Tools
ETL Tools: What to Learn?
ETL Concepts
ETL Tools - Informatica

Informatica Interview Questions & Answers
Learn Informatica - Tutorial
Informatica - Transformations
ETL Tools - Transformation Manager
ETL Testing

NewSoftware Testing & Mobile Apps Testing

Software Testing Tutorial
Software Testing Life Cycle
Software Testing Documentation
Functional Software Testing
Manual and Automated Testing
Software Testing Methods & Types
What is Bug Life Cycle?

Software Testing Tools List
Open Source Software Testing Tools Software Testing Job Titles
Career Path of a Software Tester
Mobile Applications Introduction
What is Mobile Ecosystem?
Mobile Native Apps vs Mobile Web Apps

Metadata & Business Intelligence 

Metadata Tools
Business Metadata
Technical Metadata
Metadata & ETL
Metadata Reports
BI Dashboards
BI Scorecards

Business Intelligence Overview
Business Intelligence Tools
OLAP & its Hybrids
OLAP Analysis
OLAP Database - Multidimensional
Key Performance Indicators
What is Data Mining?

NewMicrosoft Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook Tutorial
Send Email from Outlook 2013
Create Rules in Outlook 2013

Create Meeting in Outlook 2013
Configuring email ids, data files & accounts in outlook

Cloud Computing  

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Advantages

Cloud Computing - Google Apps
Cloud Computing - Google Docs
How to use Google Docs?

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) 

What is an ERP?
ERP Tools

Oracle Applications
Oracle Apps Implementation

Information Technology - Overview 

Information Technology
What is an Operating System?
What is a Server?
What is Mainframe?
Computer Networking

Computer Testing
What is Visio?
C Language
What is XML?
Enterprise Application Integration

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