Online Data Modeling Training

About Trainer:

Director (Data Architecting), Adjunct Professor, US Citizen, located in US.

Trainer Profile:

  • Has more than 20 plus years of Data Architecting Experience.
  • Currently working as, a Director – Data Architect in USA.
  • Currently working as, an Adjunct Professor in Data Analytics (Data Modeling, SQL, and BI Reporting) in Two Top USA Universities.
  • Has worked as a Data Architect in Cisco, CitiBank, Geico, FreddieMac, Google, Harley Davidson and GE
  • Certified as PMP, Oracle DBA, Sap Hana Developer

Online Data Modeling Training Details:

  • Course Name: Online Data Modeling Training
  • Course Fees: 450$. Offer 150$ for this batch. Final Amount to be paid: $300(24,500 Rupees). Account Details will be shared later.
  • Training Date: 22 June 2024(Tentative)
  • Course Duration: 20 hours to 30 Hours
  • Week End and Wednesday: Saturday (2.5 hours to 3 hours) + Sunday (2.5 hours to 3 hours). 50 hours plus homework activity.
  • Class Recording: Videos will be shared
  • Class Material: Will be shared.
  • Data Modeling Tool Used: MySQL Work Bench
  • Additional Data Modeling Tool: Exposure to Erwin 7.2 (1-hour session). Erwin 12 (Already Recorded Videos will be shared)
  • Training Link: Will be shared before the Training Day
  • Demo: will be provided from 1st June.

Training Approach:

  • US University Course Syllabus will be followed
  • How to create a Business Problem?
  • How to create Flow Diagram – Swim lane Diagram
  • How to create Logical and Physical Data Model and Dimensional Data Model
  • Data Load
  • Generation of Reports

Deliverables by the Students:

  • Answers to Data Modeling Questions
  • Answers to Quiz
  • Answers to Home Work
  • Project must be started from week 2 and completion of the project before the course end.

Every Topic mentioned below will be

  • Explained with an Example
  • Class Exercise
  • Home Work

Syllabus: Topics Covered:

Relational Data Modeling:

  • Logical Data Modeling:
  • Entity: Explanation of different Entity Types
  • Relationship: Identifying, Non-Identifying, and Many to Many Relationships, SuperType and SubType.
  • Naming Conventions and Standards: Different Methodologies
  • Conceptual Data Model and Logical Data Model: How to build Conceptual Data Model and Logical Data Model
  • Normalization: Different Forms of Normalization
  • Physical Data Modeling:
  • How to convert Logical to Physical Data Model
  • Indexes – Clustered, Non-Clustered, B Tree, BitMap
  • Partition: Range Partition, List Partition, Nest Partition
  • Transformations: Many to Many and Supertype/Subtype to Rolldown.

Dimensional Data Modeling:

Designing the Data Mart:

  • Business Process, Granularity, Dimension and Fact

Bus Architecture

  • Kimbal Concepts and Inmon Concepts of designing Data Warehouse.
  • Explanation of Different Fact Tables Types
  • Explanation of Different Dimension Tables
  • How to design:
  • Star Schema
  • SnowFlake Schema



Who can benefit:

  • Students, Business Analyst, Data Engineers, ETL Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers etc,
  • Those are who planning to switch from one Technology to another Technology.

Is Coding Required in Data Modeling?


What is guaranteed?

You can become a Data Modeler and work as a contributor in a Data Modeling Team, anywhere in world since our course is a hands on session in class.

How it will help in Job:

Data Modeling has become a part of the Data Analytics, Data Engineering, ETL, and Database Job Descriptions. Data Engineering (migration and Integration) is leading now and will lead for the next 10 + years. With Data Modeling alone also you can get a job since it is a demanding skill in the market.

Resume Preparation:

Yes. Will guide you.

Data Modeling Interview Preparation:


Job Assistance:

We are a TRANING COMPANY and NOT A PLACEMENT COMPANY. Guidelines will be provided about getting an offer.

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