Online Data Modeling Job Support for OLTP & Dimensional Data Modeling

CPT/OPT EAD/L2 EAD/H4 EAD holders:

If a new opportunity is provided and you are facing difficult challenges in understanding the business requirements to derive data models.

Data Modelers, Data Analyst,  ETL Developers and BI Developers:


  • If you face tough scenario based  interview questions and not able to answer.

Less Productivity: 

  • If the duties and responsibilities are changed by the client for no reasons and if you are one among those who find it difficult to cope up with puzzling scenarios.

In Between Projects: 

  • If your roles and responsibilities must be updated in near future
  • If you are finding difficulties in data modeling (designing RDBMS database or Data Warehouse or Data Mart),  you want to take your knowledge and understanding of the Database design to the next level.

If you are the one who got struck in the above-mentioned scenarios or if you are finding difficulties in data modeling (designing RDBMS database or Data Warehouse or Data Mart), please approach or 91-90801 57239.

What we can offer through ONLINE:

  • Our consultants have more than 15 plus years of experience in Data Modeling in normalized databases, Data Warehouses and Data Marts.
  • Has hands on with OLTP / Dimensional Data Modeling, OLAP Cubes, Informatica, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Cognos, Brio and SQL/PLSQL.
  • Provide solutions on data modeling.
  • Provide solutions on data analysis, business analysis, user expectations related to data modeling.
  • Share knowledge to implement complicated Data Modeling scenarios.
  • Will meet your deadlines on each individual task or group of tasks.
  • Can sign agreement on a daily basis/weekly basis/monthly basis.


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