Identifying Relationship

How to create Identifying Relationship with Cardinality of many to many relationship: Identifying relationship: If a foreign key column/multiple foreign key columns referencing some table, becomes a part of the primary key, and then it is an identifying relationship. Employee and PROJECTS Table association: Since the relationship is many to many with Employee_No (Employee Table)…

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Identifying and Non-Identifying Relationships

Analysis of Data and creating Tables & Relationships: Usually in a data model, Tables (Entities) looks like rectangular or square type boxes, which contains columns(attributes) and these tables are connected by lines (relationships). Identifying relationship and Non-Identifying relationship are two types of relationships. Based on cardinality, relationship are broadly classified into one to one relationship, one…

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Supertype and SubType

SuperType and SubType in Data Modeling: At times, few entities in a data model may share some common properties (attributes) within themselves apart from having one or more distinct attributes. Based on the attributes, these entities are categorized as Supertype and Subtype entities. Supertype is an entity type that has got relationship (parent to child…

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