Software Testing and Mobile Testing Tutorial for Beginners

Software and Mobile Apps Testing Tutorial:

Software Testing:

Software Testing is all about how to develop quality software or a defect less software application system. In a software testing life cycle (STLC), various testing are performed during the software development. For example, manual Testing, automated testing, black box testing, white box testing, regression testing, smoke testing, alpha testing, beta testing, installation testing, performance testing, functional testing unit testing, integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing are different testing performed during the software development. During STLC different documents like Test Plan, Test Scenarios Test Cases, and Test Procedures are created and Test Cases are executed to develop an error free software or application. The testing may be done either manually or automated by tools.

Mobile Phone:

It is all about how to manufacture a quality mobile phone (device testing), quality mobile website and quality mobile web based application.

  • Mobile Phone Testing: In a mobile phone, you can see different parts like display, key pad, battery, SIM, PCB (Printed Circuit Board), camera, video recorder etc. plus accessories and these parts are tested by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) like Apple, Nokia, Motorola etc. Different functionalities like calling, SMS, video recording etc. available on the mobile phone are also tested by OEMs prior to release.
  • Mobile Based Applications Testing: When you buy a phone, applications like games, calendars, calculators etc. are embedded in the phone. These applications are tested by the OEMs itself. These mobile manufacturers have stores, where applications (free or cost based) are available and you can download those applications. These applications are created by OEMs, individual developers, Companies etc. As of now, close to half-a million applications are on these stores which are also tested by OEM.
  • Mobile Websites Testing: Companies have created several websites exclusively for mobile phones to help the mobile phone users. Using Mobile phones on mobile websites will be faster than their regular websites. These mobile websites will be tested by companies before it is ready for use.


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Software Testing & Mobile Apps Testing:


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