Differences between Mobile Native Apps and Mobile Web Apps

What is a Mobile Application?

Mobile applications are applications created by companies, developers to do a specific task(for a specific use). These applications are called as mobile native applications or mobile web based applications. These applications either run on mobile devices (native apps) or on websites (mobile web apps).

Mobile Application Types:

  • What is Mobile Native Apps: The applications that reside on the phone or that can be downloaded from OEM stores.
  • What is Mobile Web Based Apps: The applications that can be accessed through Browsers.

Uses of Mobile Applications:

  • Banking: Banking applications are created to access account, money transfer etc.
  • Chatting/Browsing: Chatting applications like Gmail, messenger are used for chatting purpose. Searching and browsing in search engines.
  • Information: Newspaper applications are created to provide latest news.
  • Payment: Utilities (mobile phone, land line, electricity etc) can be paid.
  • Social Networking Websites: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In can be accessed.
  • Online Sales: Products or services can be bought online.
  • Online Trading: Online trading on stocks, futures and options and the latest information will be updated via charts/graphs.
  • GPS: Can be used to find a lost phone or about the person’s vehicle’s location.
  • Games: You can play offline or online.
  • Insurance: You can home insurance quotes, health insurance quotes.
  • Sports: You can watch sports activities.
  • IT: Several applications are created to help the users.

Differences between Mobile Native Apps and Mobile Web Apps:

Mobile Native AppsMobile Web Apps(Mobile Websites)

Inbuilt applications reside on the devices (phone, tablets)

Hosted in a server

New applications can be downloaded from app stores

Applications will be updated on the website.

Applications are operating system specific. Companies don’t build Applications for all operating systems. It’s the company’s wish to decide about the operating system. If the company feels that they are getting more users from IOS and Androd, then they will develop application only for IOS and Android. Users with other operating systems on their mobiles have to access throug mobile website only.

Any one can access the mobile website. It is not operating system dependent.

Software and Hardware needed for developing applications are different (Example: Android applications and IOS applications software and hardware are different).

Usually Developed with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Cost involved in developing the application is more since applications have to be created for each operating system.

Cost involved is less

Applications are used by touch or keypad operations

URL is used to navigate to the websites.

May need internet connectivity to access the application since some applications doesn’t need internet connection.

Internet connectivity is mandatory to connect to the website

Can use software and hardware configurations of the mobile. While creating applications, Can get access to devices like camera, video recorder, accelerometer, gyroscope, mp3 players, storage, compass etc. Global Positioning System (GPS) allows knowing the exact location.

You need additional programs, or plug in or add on.

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