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Data Modeling Course Syllabus & Feedback:

Data Modeling Course Feedback & Testimonials:

Training Testimonials

Course Description:

The dimensional data modeling training explains how to design Data Ware House and Data Marts from OLTP data models using Erwin (OR) Power Designer (OR) Oracle SQL Data Modeler!

To get more information about this training program, send an email to or call us @ 91-9080157239.

Course Information:
  • We offer Training at your convenient time slots! Please call us at 91-9080157239 for more details!
  • Mode of Training: Online Through GotoMeeting.
  • Mode of Payment: To USA Savings Account or India Savings Account or through
  • Total no. of theoretical/Practical classes: At least 10 Hours (Will be extended if required)
  • Course Materials: Course Material will be Provided
  • Instructor: Neelesh (US Employee) & Antony (Owner of
  • Office: USA and Chennai
Course Requirements:
  • Internet connection
  • Lap Top or Desk Top
Training Certificates:
  • Will be provided.

Course Syllabus

Training Data Model Samples:
  • POS (Point of Sales Data Model)
  • Banking Data Model
  • Mortgage Data Model
Part 1 – Dimensional Data Modeling (OLAP):
  • Need for Strategic Information
  • Examples of Business Objectives
  • Characteristics of Information
  • Operational Systems – OLTP
  • Examples of Operational Systems
  • Decision Support Systems – OLAP
  • Operational VS Decision Support
Part 2 – Introduction to Data Warehouse:
  • Data Warehouse Definition
  • Data Marts
  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart
  • Pioneer of Data Warehousing (Inmon)
  • Bill Inmon’s Approach (HUB and Spoke Architecture)
  • Pros and Cons of Inmon’s Approach
  • Pioneer of Data WareHousing (Ralph Kimball)
  • Ralph Kimball’s Approach (Bus Architecture)
  • Pros and Cons of Kimball’s Approach
  • What is ETL?
  • Things to learn for mapping/Data mapping
Part 3 – Business Intelligence:
  • OLAP
  • Dimensional Modeling
Part 4 – Different types of Fact Tables:
  • Transactional Facts
  • Snapshot or inventory
  • Factless Facts
  • Semi Additive and Non Additive Facts
Part 5 – Dimension Tables:
  • Dimension Types
  • Degenerate Dimensions
  • Denormalized Flattened Dimensions
  • Snowflaked Dimensions
  • What is Causal Dimension?
  • What is Junk Dimension?
  • What is Outrigger Dimension?
Part 6 – Designing Star Schema:
  • Building Blocks Together
  • Dimensional Model
  • Dimensional (Star) Schema
  • Declare the grain of Business Process
  • 4 Steps Dimensional Model Design Process
    • Identify Business Process
    • Identify Grain
    • Identify Dimensions
    • Identify Facts
Part 7 – Slowly Changing Dimension Techniques:
  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Type 3
Part 8 – Big Data Data Modeling:
  • Design data model of large volumes of Data (Large Volumes of Data) with RDBMS structure

To get more information about this training program, send an email to Training@LearnDataModeling.Com 0r call us @ 91-9080157239.

Popular/Top Data Modeling Tools in the Market:

  • Erwin
  • E/R Studio
  • SAP PowerDesigner
  • Toad Data Modeler
  • Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
  • MySQL Workbench
  • IBM InfoSphere Data Architect

Interview Question & Answer Videos:

Online Training Start Date: 29 June, 2024.

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