Open Source Testing Software List

Open Source Software Testing Tools List:

There are several OPEN SOURCE TESTING TOOLS available and we have mentioned only the extensively used tools mentioned by Gartner i.e. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites published on 11th July 2013 ( To get more details about the product, follow the respective links mentioned alongside each tool.

Proprietary Software: Here you have to pay some amount, buy the product (Source code is not provided). Only executable version of the software is provided.

Trial Version Software: You can use it until the expiry date of the trial version (Source code is not provided).

Cloud Based Software: You can use it if you pay the amount on a monthly basis or quarterly basis or yearly basis (Source code is not provided).

What is OpenSource Software?

In open source software, you get the source code at free of cost. You can use the software (AS IS) for your requirements. If you want to add some more features, you can change the code, redistribute it or you can use it for your own requirement. For more information about Open Source Software, please visit Open Source Software.

Open Source Testing Tools:

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