Oracle DDL Commands – Create Commands

Oracle Database Data Definition Language (DDL Statements) – Create Commands To execute Oracle database commands, you need Oracle’s username, password and oracle instance name to connect to oracle database. If you haven’t got the username, contact database administrator (DBA) and get the relevant privileges. When you are working with a client, you may be provided…

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Database: Sample Data Analysis

Database: Sample Data With a simple example of designing a data model with ‘Employee related information’, most of the data structures can be easily understood. So we will try to design a data model using the sample data given below and will explain the data modeler’s involvement in the database environment. Sample Source Data: First…

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Oracle Database Objects Overview

Oracle Database Objects Overview: A database can have many schemas; one schema can contain multiple database objects like tables, views, Synonym etc. A brief explanation on each of these Oracle database objects is given below. For more detailed explanations, please refer the official website of Oracle at Schema: This is also known as USER…

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