Online Data Modeling Training Syllabus

Part 1: Course Information

Course Description:

This online training course explains in detail about database, data warehouse, data modeling concepts, data modeling types and how these are used in OLTP environments and Data warehouse / Datamart Environments.

To get more information about the program, send an email to Training@LearnDataModeling.Com and we will get back to you.

Course Information:
  • Course Name: Advanced Data Modeling Training
  • Training Hours: 7.30 AM to 9.00 AM IST
  • Days: Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Total no. of theoretical classes: 20
  • Practical Classes: 5
  • Mode of Teaching: Online through SKYPE.
  • Instructor: Neelesh & Antony
  • Office: USA and Chennai
Course Requirements:
  • Internet connection
  • Lap Top or Desk Top
  • Erwin
  • MS Word, MS Excel
  • My SQL
  • Windows Operating System
Training Material:
  • Soft copy of the document will be provided.
Training Certificates:
  • Will be provided.

Part 2: Topic Outline/Schedule 

Week 01: Data Modeling

  • What is a Data Model?
  • Who needs Data Modeling?
  • Different Data Modeling Tools.
  • Explanation for Logical, Physical, Conceptual, Enterprise, and Dimensional Data Model
  • Data Modeling Development Life Cycle
  • Steps to create a data model
  • Data Modeler Role

Week 02: Data Modeling Tools & Database

  • Database Commands: Database Objects, Constraints, Create Object, Alter Object, Drop Object, Insert, Delete, Update
  • Naming conventions and standards.
  • How to create a Logical Data Model?
  • How to create a Physical Data Model?
  • Comparison of Logical and Physical Data Model
  • How to generate SQL Code?
  • How to implement it in Database?
  • How to create versions of the Data Model?
  • How to compare a Data Model with a Database?
  • How to create a Data Model from a Database?
  • What is Repository?
  • What is Metadata?
  • How to generate reports?
  • What to learn in Data Modeling Tools.

Week 03: Data Warehouse and Data Mart

  • What is a Data Warehouse?
  • What is a Data Mart?
  • What is Snow Flake Modeling?
  • What is Star Schema Modeling?
  • What is Slowly Changing Dimensions?
  • What is a Lookup?
  • How to maintain data in Lookups?
  • How to send emails to your stake holders?

Week 04: Advanced Topics

  • Normalization, Advanced Topics on Data Modeling.

Week 05: Hands on practice with Erwin and MySQL

  • Hands on practice with different scenarios.

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