Data Modeling Interview Question and Answer Videos

Video Tutorial 1: What is a Data Model and Data Modeler Responsibilities? What’s in it: Data Model, High Level Data Modeler Responsibilities along with images of a conceptual data model, logical data model and physical Data Model is explained using Erwin Data Modeling Tool. Video Tutorial 2: Explain Data Modeling Development Life Cycle? What’s in…

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Online NoSQL Data Modeling Training

Course Details: Course Syllabus: What is nosql. About MongoDB CRUD – create, insert, delete, update operations JSON Three Data Model samples in MongoDB Introduction to Hadoop Hotonworks Big Data environment How MongoDB is used in Big Data environment – Example Compare RDBMS Data Model with MongoDB Data Model Compare important CRUD statements with RDBMS and…

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What is Entity Relationship Diagram (ER Diagram) or ERD?

Entity Relationship Diagram (also called as ER Diagram, ER Model, ERD) contains entities/attributes and relationships with those entities. ER Model is a methodological approach to create entities in normalized forms to minimise redundancy. It is drawn with the use of Data Modeling Tools and the following steps are done to create the entity relationship diagram. Understanding…

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Business Process Topics – Index

Business Process & Business Modeling: Modeling Types Modeling Methods Business Process Business Process Tools Business Process Management (BPM) Advantages of BPM Business Process Re-engineering Business Process Modeling Business Process Modeling Tools Business Process Modeling Example Process Flow Modeling Data Flow Modeling Workflows Business Activity Monitoring Business Process Outsourcing Procurement BPO

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Data Modeling Topics – Index

Data Modeling Data Modeling Overview Data Modeling Overview Data Modeling Development Cycle Steps to Create a Data Model Data Modeler Role Data Modeling Standards Entity Relationship(ER) Diagram Data Modeling Objects Domains, Defaults & Check Constraints Data Model Repository Data Model Versioning Data Modeling Reports Data Modeling Tools Data Modeling Tools DM Tools: What to Learn?…

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