Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools:

Business Intelligence Tools help to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data to aid in decision-making. Generally these systems will illustrate business intelligence in the areas of customer profiling, customer support, market research, market segmentation,
product profitability, statistical analysis, inventory and distribution analysis.

With Business Intelligence Tools, various data like customer related, product related, sales related, time related, location related, employee related etc. are gathered and analysed based on which important strategies or rules are formed and goals to achieve their target are set. These decisions are very efficient and effective in promoting an Organisation’s growth.

Since the collected data can be sliced across almost all the dimensions like time,location, product, promotion etc., valuable statistics like sales profit in one region for the current year can be calculated and compared with the previous year statistics.

Popular Business Intelligence Tools:

Tool NameCompany Name
Business ObjectsBusiness Objects
Microsoft Reporting ServicesMicrosoft
CrystalBusiness Objects

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