Business Process Management Tools

BPM Tools:

Business Process Management (BPM) Tools are used to create an application that is helpful in designing business process models, process flow models, data flow models, rules and also helpful in simulating, optimizing, monitoring and maintaining various processes that occur within an organization.

Many tasks are involved in achieving a goal and these tasks are done either manually or with the help of software systems. For example, if an organization needs to buy a software application that costs 6 million dollars, then a request has to be approved by several authorities and managers. Here the request approval may be done manually or with the help of change management software(e.g. – Serena, Test Director); whereas when a person applies for a loan of three hundred thousand dollars, several internal and external human-centric or enterprise application-centric business processes are to be triggered in order to find out the details of that person before approving the loan. For these activities, BPM tool creates an application that co-ordinates the manual and automated tasks.

Apart from coordinating the processes, BPM tools also facilitate the capturing of the rules defined for processes, simulation of business processes, executing the processes in a sequential manner by workflow component, monitoring the business processes by Business Activity Monitoring component,  creating score cards for key performance indicators and balancing score cards to help the executives in taking better decisions.

Tool NameCompany Name
BPM SuiteUltimus
Process SuiteStaffware
Business ManagerSavvion
Pega Rules Process CommanderPegaSystem
E Work VisionMetaStorm
Team WorksLombardi Software
Business Process ManagerFilenet

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