How to create a physical data model from a logical data model using Embarcadero’s Data Architect?

We are focusing to create this physical data model with oracle as the database. So we have selected oracle 12c as the database.

Open existing logical data model “02_LDM_creating_entity_version2”.

Click menu Model/Generate Physical Model. A small screen will appear. Click ok.

A new screen is opened. There are 5 steps in this process.

We are explaining step 1 and Step 3 only.

Step 1 of 5:

Name the physical data model: pdm_creating_entity_version2

Type of physical model: relational

Target_database_platform: oracle12c.

Click next and again click next.

Step 3 of 5:

Attach the naming template “enterprise_naming_standards.nst”. Click finish.

You can now see the physical data model.




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