Organization Dimension

In a relational data model, for normalization purposes, corporate office lookup, region lookup, branch lookup, and employee lookups are not merged as a single table. In a dimensional data modeling(star schema), these tables would be merged as a single table called ORGANIZATION DIMENSION for performance and slicing data.

This dimension helps us to find the products sold or serviced within the organization by the employees. In any industry, we can calculate the sales on region basis, branch basis and employee basis. Based on the performance, an organization can provide incentives to employees and subsidies to the branches to increase further sales.

Example of Organization Dimension:

Example of Organization Dimension

Corporate Lookup:

[ultimatetables 37 /]

Region Lookup:

[ultimatetables 38 /]

Branch Lookup:

[ultimatetables 39 /]

Employee Lookup:

[ultimatetables 40 /]

Organization Dimension:

[ultimatetables 41 /]


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