Business Process Modeling Methodology | IDEF Modeling Methods

Business Modeling Methods:

IDEF: IDEF is an acronym for Integrated Definition.

IDEF0: IDEF0 is a method used in Business Process Modeling, designed to model the decisions, actions and activities of an organization or system. Diagrams are based on simple box with arrow graphics and text labels.

IDEF3: IDEF3 is a method used in Process Flow Modeling, designed to model processes and documenting the processes and it explains how a system, process or an organization works.

IDEF4: IDEF4 is a method designed to model object oriented programming.

Data Modeling Methods:

IDEF1X (Integrated Definition for Information Modeling notation) and IE (Information Engineering notation):

IDEF1X and IE types are focused on the actual data elements present in a relational database. IDEF1X and IE use different symbols to represent entity and table relationships for designing relational databases.

Dimensional Modeling Notation:

This is a method used for designing data warehouses and data mart.


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