Business Process Modeling Example

As we know, a business process modeling is a collection or group of related activities or business processes that produce a specific service or product.

In order to explain a Business process modeling in a simple manner, let us assume an activity of getting a seat in a college.

The following diagram shows the different activities or business processes associated in getting a placement in a college. The related activities are grouped on each side marked with different arrows.


Business Process Modeling Example Diagram:

Business Process Modeling Example

  • To obtain a seat in a college, first the applicant need to submit an application along with GRE and TOEFL scores, school mark sheets, birth certificate, payments etc. In Business process modeling, these are represented as inputs with arrows pointing inwards.
  • In order to process the application, college should have computing systems; employees, accounting systems etc., and mechanism arrows represent these.
  • The application should only be approved upon satisfying several factors like; legal requirements, government rules, valid mark sheets etc. and control arrows represent these.
  • When all processes are completed, the applicant will be notified of the selection, scholarships, books etc and output arrows represent these.

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