Data Modeling Tools – Xcase

Xcase – Overview:

Xcase is a powerful and intuitive data modeling tool. It automates database creation and maintenance, making the modeling process simple and visual. The tool provides tight support for the leading DBMS and an impressive set of capabilities.

Using Xcase, data modelers can create data models from scratch or from existing databases using the Reverse Engineering module. Once the model is complete, Xcase Forward Engineering module generates all the DDL scripts necessary to create a new database or update an existing one.

Using Xcase, you can:

⇒ Create Professional Data Models from scratch.

⇒ Reverse Engineer existing database structures.

⇒ View and organize the database structure at different levels of depth.

⇒ Communicate effectively with clients and colleagues.

⇒ Fully control database Metadata within the model and add user defined attributes for each object.

⇒ Manage different versions of your model/database using the advanced Version Control module – compare a model to the actual database, to another model or to a previous version of the same model and generate a detailed report of all discrepancies found.

⇒ Synchronize your model with the database using the 2-way synchronization feature. Xcase provides a detailed report on discrepancies found between the model and the database and allows you to update the model based on the actual database structure or update the database based on your model.

⇒ Automatically generate all the code necessary to create and maintain the database without jeopardizing existing data.

⇒ Validate the data in the database against the business rules defined in the model.

⇒ Access and edit the data relationally using automatic parent/child browsers and lookups.

⇒ Migrate the database metadata and data from one DBMS to another.

Note: For more information, refer the Xcase data modeling web page.


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