ETL Tools

What are ETL Tools?

ETL Tools are meant to extract, transform and load the data into Data Warehouse for decision making. Before the evolution of ETL Tools, the above mentioned ETL process was done manually by using SQL code created by programmers. This task was tedious and cumbersome in many cases since it involved many resources, complex coding and more work hours. On top of it, maintaining the code placed a great challenge among the programmers.

These difficulties are eliminated by ETL Tools since they are very powerful and they offer many advantages in all stages of ETL process starting from extraction, data cleansing, data profiling, transformation, debugging and loading into data warehouse when compared to the old method.

There are a number of ETL tools available in the market to do ETL process the data according to business/technical requirements. Following are some those.

Popular ETL Tools:

Tool NameCompany Name
InformaticaInformatica Corporation
DT/StudioEmbarcadero Technologies
Ab InitioAb Initio Software Corporation
Data JunctionPervasive Software
Oracle Warehouse BuilderOracle Corporation
Microsoft SQL Server IntegrationMicrosoft
Transformation ManagerETL Solutions


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