Time Dimension

In a relational data model, for normalization purposes, year lookup, quarter lookup, month lookup, and week lookups are not merged as a single table.  In a dimensional data modeling (star schema), these tables would be merged as a single table called TIME DIMENSION for performance and slicing data.

This dimensions helps to find the sales done on date, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We can have a trend analysis by comparing this year sales with the previous year or this week sales with the previous week.

Example of Time Dimension

Time Dimension Diagram

Year Lookup:

[ultimatetables 42 /]

Quarter Lookup:

[ultimatetables 43 /]

Month Lookup:

[ultimatetables 44 /]

Week Lookup:

[ultimatetables 45 /]

Time Dimension:


[ultimatetables 46 /]



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