Data Modeling Tools: What to Learn?

Data modeling tools are the only way through which we can create powerful data models. Following are the various options that we have to know and learn in data modeling tools before start building data models.

Logical Data Model:

  • How to create entity and add definition, business rule?
  • How to create domains?
  • How to create an attribute and add definition, business rule, validation rules like default values and check constraint?
  • How to create supertypes, subtypes?
  • How to create primary keys, unique constraint, foreign key relationships, and recursive relationships?
  • How to create identifying and non-identifying relationship?
  • How to assign relationship cardinality?
  • How to phrase relationship connecting two tables?
  • How to assign role names?
  • How to create key groups?
  • How to create sequence no’s?

Physical Data Model:

  • How to rename a table?
  • How to rename a column,validation rules like default and check constraints?
  • How to assign NULL and NOT NULL to columns?
  • How to name foreign key constraints?
  • How to connect to databases like MS Access, Oracle, Sibase, Terradata etc?
  • How to generate sql code from data model to run against databases like MS Access, Oracle, Sibase, Terradata etc.?
  • How to create a data model from an existing database like MS Access, Oracle, Sibase, Terradata etc.?
  • How to add database related properties to tables, indexes?
  • How to check different versions of the data model?
  • How many data modelers can concurrently work on the same version of a data model?

Data Modeling Tools – What to learn? Part 2

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