Data Modeling Tools – What to Learn? Part 2

Dimensional Data Model:

  • Is there any specific notation to identify a Data Warehouse/Data mart data models?

Subject Area:

  • How to create subject area and assign relevant entities to subject area?


  • How to generate reports from data model and export to .XLS, .DOC, .XML file formats?

Naming Options:

  • Is there any method to change the entity/table, attribute/column name from
    upper case to lower case or lower case to upper case?

Import & Export:

  • How to create data models from .xls, .txt files etc.?
  • How to import and export meta data into ETL tools?

Abbreviation Document:

  • How to create/attach a standard abbreviation document(for naming tables, columns etc.)?


  • How to send data models to printer/plotter/Acrobat Reader?


  • How to take backup of data model?


  • How to split a data model to logical and physical data model?
  • How to copy and paste objects within data model and across data models?
  • How to search an object within a data model?
  • How to change the font size and color of entities,attributes,relationship lines?
  • How to create a legend?
  • How to show a data model in different levels like entity level, attribute level, and definition level?


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