OLAP and OLAP Hybrids

OLAP & its Hybrids:

OLAP, an acronym for Online Analytical Processing is an approach that helps organization to take advantages of DATA. Popular OLAP tools are Cognos, Business Objects, Micro Strategy etc. OLAP cubes provide the insight into data and helps the topmost executives of an organization to take decisions in an efficient manner.

Technically, OLAP cube allows one to analyze data across multiple dimensions by providing multidimensional view of aggregated, grouped data. With OLAP reports, the major categories like fiscal periods, sales region, products, employee, promotion related to the product can be ANALYZED very efficiently, effectively and responsively. OLAP applications include sales and customer analysis, budgeting, marketing analysis, production analysis, profitability analysis and forecasting etc.


ROLAP stands for Relational Online Analytical Process that provides multidimensional analysis of data, stored in a Relational database (RDBMS).


MOLAP (Multidimensional OLAP), provides the analysis of data stored in a multi-dimensional data cube.


HOLAP (Hybrid OLAP) a combination of both ROLAP and MOLAP can provide multidimensional analysis simultaneously of data stored in a multidimensional database and in a relational database (RDBMS).


DOLAP (Desktop OLAP or Database OLAP)provide multidimensional analysis locally in the client machine on the data collected from relational or multidimensional database servers.


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