Product Dimension

In a relational data model, for normalization purposes, product category lookup, product sub-category lookup, product lookup, and and product feature lookups are are not merged as a single table. In a dimensional data modeling(star schema), these tables would be merged as a single table called PRODUCT DIMENSION for performance and slicing data requirements.

Example of Product Dimension:

Product Dimension Example Diagram
Product Category Lookup:
Product Category CodeProduct Category NameDateTimeStamp
1Apparel1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
2Shoe1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
Product Sub-Category Lookup:
Product Sub-Category CodeProduct Sub-Category NameDateTimeStamp
11Shirt1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
12Trouser1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
13Casual1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
14Formal1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
Product Lookup:
Product CodeProduct NameDateTimeStamp
Product CodeProduct NameDateTimeStamp
1001Van Heusen1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
1002Arrow1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
1003Nike1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
1004Adidas1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
Product Feature Lookup:
Product Feature CodeProduct Feature DescriptionDateTimeStamp
10001Van-M1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
10002Van-L1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
10003Arr-XL1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
10004Arr-XXL1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
10005Nike-81/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
10006Nike-91/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
10007Adidas-101/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
10008Adidas-111/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
Product Dimension:
Product Dimension IdProduct Category NameProduct Sub-Category NameProduct NameProduct Feature DescriptionDateTimeStamp
100001ApparelShirtVan HeusenVan-M1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
100002ApparelShirtVan HeusenVan-L1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
100003ApparelShirtArrowArr-XL1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
100004ApparelShirtArrowArr-XXL1/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
100005ShoeCasualNikeNike-81/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
100006ShoeCasualNikeNike-91/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
100007ShoeCasualAdidasAdidas-101/1/2005 11:23:31 AM
100008ShoeCasualAdidasAdidas-111/1/2005 11:23:31 AM

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